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Роман 1999 года новелизация Фрэнк Лаурия (FranK Lauria) описание книги на английском, на русском языке пока не издавался.

Pitch Black (Черная дыра)*

A rogue comet spears an earth-bound commercial spacecraft, forcing it to plummet to the surface of an unknown planet. With the captain dead, a brave pilot performs a perilous crash-landing. Other than three suns--which create perpetual light--and a slight oxygen deficiency, a search party discovers that the planet isn't much different than Earth...until they stumble across a ghostly settlement littered with the human remains of geologists who mysteriously perished exactly sixty years ago. And the most horrific discovery of all: below the surface of the soil, where darkness reigns, live hungry predators with a deadly appetite.

* правильный перевод "Кромешная тьма", либо еще как-то, но не "Черная дыра" и особенно это относиться к слова "дыра"

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